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Created on 2009-04-09 23:47:01 (#29418), last updated 2012-04-03 (289 weeks ago)

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Heliopolis Stargate fan fiction archive, that hosts het and gen fanfiction for Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and other permutations of the Stargate universe. This community is an extension of that allowing users to share their fan fiction, feedback and discussion of Stargate fanfic related topics.

We are pretty easy going around here. We ask that all fanfic posts be labeled correctly, with appropriate headers, and be placed behind a cut tag, so that readers may exercise their own discretion. We ask that if users don't wish to read certain types of fic, that they please pass those posts by, or find another community that may tailor to their specific interests. We do not tolerate flaming. Also, no character or 'ship bashing (or actor bashing) will be permitted.

Slash fiction is not currently allowed in this community, nor is RPF/RPS (as this is about the Stargate universe, not so much the real life actors). However, our sister community [community profile] stargate_love does accept slash, as well as het and gen. That is also a Stargate discussion community. On this community, please limit your discussion to relevant fan fiction related topics.
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